1. shemaghkonsepts said: Wut. Wut! H....How in da hell did you get dat?!?!?! IM SO JELLLYYY!!!!

    All you have to do is be a veteran, Premium BF3, and Pre Order BF4! 

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    ;0; so beautiful

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  4. Downloading BF4 nbd

  5. kyriosx107:

    Are you prepared? #bf4 #battlefield #battlefield4 #videogames #prepareforbattle

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  6. Can hardly wait. 

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    Battefield 3

  8. unitedsupremacyforce:

    END GAME: Now that End Game is out, have you played it? What do you think?

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  9. CTF

    Am the only one who has a dramatic spike in heart beat whenever I take hold of the enemy flag? The whole feel of the game transitions from slow to rapid in milliseconds. The rush is on to bring the flag back to home base before the enemy get to it….or get to me… 


    one big mac with extra ketchup and justice

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